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  • Romantic read feeds from books new and old

    Looking for a good book with a touch of romance? Do you like fiction, thrillers, adventure or real life biography and autobiography? Try the romantic read feeds in this article. The stories cover Kuwait, China, Ghana, Nigeria and the UK, and the books new and old range in time from 1891 to the recent financial crisis. They are written by authors as diverse as Alicia Over, Winifred Tovey, Natalie Wheatley and Elliott Kendall. This is just a taster from Little Knoll Bookshop and all, except the rare book, can also be found in Waterstones online bookshop.

  • 'DEAD MONEY' by Teresa Hunter ISBN: 978-0-9565359-7-9

    DEAD MONEY by Teresa Hunter - a thriller set in London's square mile and the dark unbellies of London and Glasgow. A novel that unravels a tense story, with parallels to many recent scandals that have blighted the City. (Click on the article heading to read more)

  • 'Cor Blimey! Where 'ave you come from?' - new book by Winifred Tovey ISBN: 978-0-9565359-3-1

    'Cor Blimey! Where 'ave you come from?' by Winifred Tovey with sections by Frank Tovey is the extraordinary tale of an English missionary family in Mysore, South India, during the post-Raj days of the1950s and 1960s. Winnie and Frank wrote the book in their 90s, and, although old, they bring bring a fresh and new view on the subcontinent and the interesting times that they experienced.

  • 'The Desert Iris' a new book by Alicia Over ISBN: 978-0-9565359-6-2

    'The Desert Iris' by Alicia Over is the semi-autobiographical story of a young nursing sister who abandons her setlled life in England to work in the tense and uncertain time of the 1961 Kuwait Emergency. Although Alicia has written her novel as a fiction book, it gives new insights about the old relationship between Britain and the MIddle East, when the rumblings of trouble were ever present but had not yet escalated into the divisions of today.

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