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‘Footcare for Diabetics’ explains the effects that diabetes can have on the feet and gives advice on how to look after your feet and prevent and treat injury that could otherwise lead to more serious problems. The DVD is PAL video, which is compliant with players in most countries.

This DVD is a re-launch of the ‘Footcare for Diabetics’ video made in 1986.

The information and advice it contains is just as applicable today and we hope that the DVD will make it easy for clinics and individuals to spread the word about how important every day footcare is for those who have diabetes.

The video programme was made with the help and participation of Mr Frank Tovey OBE (then running the Basingstoke Diabetic Foot Clinic) and Prof. Mike Edmonds (currently running the Diabetic Foot Clinic in King’s Cross Hospital, a clinic that he founded in the 1980s).

Dr Hilary Jones did the voice over commentary (this was at the very start of his broadcasting career).


The programme has been used by clinicians, diabetic patients and their relatives in a number of countries around the world.  Hospitals that have introduced diabetic foot clinics where patients can learn to care for their own feet and seek help easily if they meet a problem, have found a dramatic reduction in the incidence of amputations due to diabetic complications, one hospital reporting a halving of all amputations.

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