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A unique opportunity to watch Jack Hargreaves’ ‘Old Country’ at £2.00 per programme. ‘Old Country’ was made independently for Channel 4 who broadcast Series 1 nationally two times and Series 2 and 3 only once. Here is Series 1, all 20 programmes on 4 DVDs, remastered for you from the original 1 inch format tapes by Dave Knowles, editor on the ‘Out of Town’ series on Southern Television and producer of the whole of the series of 60 ‘Old Country’ programmes. P&p will be added at cost at the end of your ordering. WOULD YOU LIKE ALL 3 SERIES OF ‘OLD COUNTRY’ (60 programmes) FOR £79.99? – SEE LINK BELOW.

Series-on-DVD-cover-frontOLD COUNTRY with Jack Hargreaves

Visit again the quiet country spot that was Jack Hargreaves.

Following the 1981 demise of Southern Television (producers of Jack Hargreaves’ long running Out of Town series), Jack made 60 Old Country programmes, first with the independent company ‘Lacewing Productions’ (series 1 & 2) and then with The Production Unit’ (series 3).

FOR ALL 60 PROGRAMMES click this link   >   ‘Old Country’ all 3 series (i.e. 60 programmes)

My husband, Dave Knowles, was the producer for all of Old Country, and before that editor on Out of Town.

Jack always took just one cameraman with him and all of the location filming was shot on film without sound, the cameraman working intuitively (and for the most part silently) with Jack. For Out of Town the cameraman was Stan Brehaut and for Old Country it was Steve Wagstaff whom you can see on the Series 1 DVD cover. 

Dave would chat with Jack about the stories to be included in a programme, then he would edit the location pieces adding sound effects where needed. Jack would return to the edit suite to look through a batch of the edited pieces in case they needed any amendments and next it was the studio shoot with Jack’s shed.

I sat in on one of the studio shoots. When Jack got talking you couldn’t stop him – and you didn’t want to – he had a rare gift as a raconteur. In the pub his stories would have you crying with laughter. In the studio though he was not hilarious, just keen and knowledgeable in his favourite topic – the countryside.

Lights, camera up to speed, clapper board, and Jack did his introductory piece to camera. He then turned to look at the monitor which showed the edited location stories and commentated without faltering until he was counted out with a show of fingers – 10, 9, 8, … 2, 1, and Jack finished his story on the dot, turning then to the camera to round off the programme. What a gift!

Jack was a mine of information, but if a viewer saw to correct him, he always said, “That’s how you learn.” 

Series 1 – 4 DVD set of 20 programmes:-

Disc 1

Programme 1 Walking sticks /Hurdle maker
Programme 2 Mayfly trout/Todber stone
Programme 3 Stow Fair/Flat cart
Programme 4 Garden/Cut Mill
Programme 5 Harnessing a horse/Decent dog

Disc 2
Programme 6 SheepFair/Dabchick
Programme 7 Fishing rod/Morey’s lake
Programme 8 Tarrant valley/Circus
Programme 9 Lurchers/Rabbiting
Programme 10 Cutting up a pig

Disc 3
Programme 11 Downlands/Cattle Breeds
Programme 12 Trolley drive/Fiddleford Mill
Programme 13 Pony drift/Goats
Programme 14 Brittany spaniels
Programme 15 Bygones

Disc 4
Programme 16 Driving/Bygones
Programme 17 Steam plough/Terrier show
Programme 18 Pigeon/Sturminster Mill
Programme 19 Thatching reed/Hound show
Programme 20 Pack pony/Turk’s pond

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