‘Saira’s Life in Lakhabawal – a village in India’ CDRom


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CDRom for use at school or home National Curriculum Key Stage 2 Geography Unit ‘A Village in India’ (CD with lesson plans, photo sets to print etc also available – please email)

‘Saira’s Life in Lakhabawal – A Village in India’

The interactive CDRom uses over 30 minutes of video, photographs, animated graphics, maps and games – a truly interactive way to learn about a village in India.

Saira is a real person and the life of her family in an established village has hardly changed over the past two decades.

The programme is based around Saira’s day, but it can be used to investigate different subjects such as weather, water, farming, industry, environment, communications, disasters, population and education.  The CD is designed for use as part of the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 module ‘A Village in India’ and for Key Stage 3 work on a developing country.  It is an enjoyable way for children and adults to learn about life in rural India.

The CDRom takes you to a village in Gujarat, west India, where you can:-

. meet Saira’s family

. visit the village school, farms and workplaces

. investigate monsoon and rainfall

. learn about the 1998 cyclone and 2001 earthquake

. manage a farm through a drought

. take a ride on the milk train and an autorickshaw

. buy vegetables and pay in rupees

. choose an Indian meal and learn about spices

. count in Hindi and learn to speak Gujarati

. see the wildlife, including the rare Asiatic lion

. and much more.

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