The Company of Goblins & finger puppets set


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This special offer set for the 2016 Christmas holiday period includes the book ‘The Company of Goblins’ by Celia Leofsy and finger puppets of the two main characters, twelve-year-old Izzy and Orlando the cat. The offer saves £6.49 on the full price for these items and of course the postage will be less for the combined items than for them separately. There are 10 sets on offer.

finger-puppets-with-book-02-10cmw-200ppi-lighterThe Company of Goblins

by Celia Leofsy

The book plus finger puppets of the main characters, Izzy, and her cat, Orlando, available here at a very special price.

The finger puppets are wonderful companions for the child reader, helping in storytelling and inspiring the creation of new stories.

There are just 10 sets to go. Hope you snap them up!

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